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Dynamic campaigns

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Smartsticker is an offline gateway to your online brand-, campaign, loyalty or action marketing communication. Use Smartsticker to create a direct call to action and add a positive association to your brand. You will have full insight in the results. Smartsticker works with a combination of NFC and QR technology to ensure a seamless interaction with all your customers.

The E-Coupon

As soon as the consumer scanned a smartsticker his browser will automatically open the coupon screen. On this screen the consumer sees what campaign he got offered and where he can claim his coupon.

There are no boundaries

When placing your smartphone near the Smartsticker, the browser on your phone opens automatically and shows your landingspage. NFC is becoming a new standard on the smartphone. Mobile payments (such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet) work with the same technology.

Where to use

Smartstickers are perfectly fitted for ABRI points, counter promotion instore, promotional items, inside shops, stores, conferences and guerilla marketing!

Tailored campaigns, perfectly fitted.